Hypnotic Dirge Records Official EU Store

The official EU Store for Hypnotic Dirge Records. 


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Shipping Info

All prices are determined by weight and will ship via CTT (Portuguese Post) at standard airmail speed. Prices below also reflect the cost of packaging and fees.

Speed listed below is after package has been dropped off at the post office. Please allow additional 3-5 days for your order to be packed and shipped.

By default, tracking is NOT included. If you want tracking, it is possible but please email us at hypnoticdirgerecords(at)hotmail(dot)com with your order and we will get back to you with the cost of registered mail. It is usually only 3-5€ more but it depends on the weight and destination country.


Portugal - 3 days

Up to 100g - 2.50€

Up to 500g - 4.00€

Up to 2kg - 9.00€

Up to 5 kg - 15.00€

Up to 10 kg - 20.00€


Rest of Europe - 1 week

Up to 100g - 3.50€

Up to 250g - 6.00€

Up to 500g - 9.00€

Up to 1kg - 13.00€

Up to 2kg - 20.00€

Up to 5 kg - 45.00€

Up to 10 kg - 55.00€


Rest of World (except Canada/USA)

Up to 100g - 4.50€

Up to 250g - 8.00€

Up to 500g - 13.00€

Up to 1kg - 22.00€

Up to 2kg - 34.00€

Over 2kg - 80.00€ (by default on the store, but if your package is over 2kg, please email us and we will find you the cheapest option)


We ship to every country in the world from the EU store EXCEPT Canada and USA. 

If you are from Canada/USA please order from our store at www.hypnoticdirgerecords.com

About Hypnotic Dirge

This is the official EU store for Hypnotic Dirge Records. The EU store ships worldwide from Portugal to anywhere in the world except for Canada / USA. If you are from Canada or the United States, please order from our store at www.hypnoticdirgerecords.com

Hypnotic Dirge Records is an underground metal label based in two locations, Portugal and Canada. Over the years, we have released music covering a wide spectrum of genres within underground metal, but our primary focus is on Atmospheric Black Metal, Post-Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, and Doom Metal.